What to eat in Bydgoszcz


23 April 2019

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What to eat in Bydgoszcz

Visit famous Farmers Market in Bydgoszcz and some good regional restaurants. In this article you will find tips about local food in Bydgoszcz and hidden spots with good food. Also I will give you some hints about local street food and milk bar.

Are you the one who can walk more than a mile to get to recommended regional restaurant ‚only for locals’, sniff around to find the unique flavors of the city or maybe you travel to experience live cooking with Italian „signora” the real homemade pasta? If you can say yes then you’re a food traveller.

Well, you are then in the right place 🙂 I recognize places by it’s flavors and my favourite souvenirs are local spices and traditional recipes. Good news is that Bydgoszcz is quite a good place to start journey into the polish cuisine. The best place to start is Frymark Bydgoszcz Farmers Market.

Frymark - Farmers Market

Where to go...

One of the top attractions in Bydgoszcz is Farmers Market which takes place every Sunday on the first square of Gdanska St 8 (just behind Klaryski Church). Over 40 farmers and local food producers are meeting there to sell the best what they have: bread, sweets, jams, coffee, picles, pierogi ( the best on the Earth with goose!), some jars with ready meals, cakes, juices, cheeses of all kinds, fruits and veg and much more. Of course there are some stands with local craft.


After huge portion of energy you can walk around. If you already found yourself addicted to pierogi you should visit one of the best pierogi restaurant in Bydgoszcz: Pierogarnia pod Aniołami, located on Cieszkowskiego st. Charming atmosphere of 19 cent. apartment is icing on the cake. You’d feel like visiting your polish grandma 🙂

My second choice would be Katarynka Bistro. Simple polish cuisine with the view on the Old Market Square and very reasonable prices make this place one of my favorite. Get there before 14.00 and you can eat two course lunch with 19 PLN.

Want to buy local beer? Choose Osowa Gora brewery. You will find the choice of their beers in local shops and supermarkets. Interested in beer walk? Check our offer and have the best walking tour in town (Bydgoszcz Beer Walk).

Local Brewery

Need some sugar? Find my post about 5 best places for ice cream break here.

Milk Bar in Poland - what’s that?

First cafeteria of this type appeared in 1896 in Warsaw. Typical bar mleczny had a menu based on dairy items but now these establishments serve other, non-dairy traditional Polish dishes as well.

Their economical susses is based on low prices. They were suppose to be affordable for factory workers. Beside the dairy, milk bars were offering egg based dinners (egg cutlets ) or pierogi. Actually, I thought it will be good idea to make a list of Bydgoszcz milk bars. Would it be helpful for you? I think I will prepare another post about it.

Polish street food in Bydgoszcz

My very secret tip is about polish street food (no, kebab has no polish roots even if it looks so!).

The 80’ street food of Poland which is still very common is ZAPIEKANKA. This is a fresh roasted baguette topped with mushrooms, onion and cheese (and some other veg or meat). Served with ketchup (+) or garlic sauce (-). Best place to check it out is tiny street food window on Gdanska Street called „PIK” (just next to the Pod Orlem Hotel) or Zapiekarnia under Jagiellonskie Roundabout. When I was a kid we were frequently preparing same thing with stale bread. It was my favorite supper: roasted open sandwiches with ketchup. I could have eat 5 of them. That’s probably why I was not a skinny child 🙂

Tasty souvenirs from Bydgoszcz

There is no good trip without souvenirs. My tip for a gift for food lovers would be:

Sowa pralines with Bydgoszcz symbols (Mostowa st, Gdanska St.), jar of plum marmalade from Strzelce,

And just to remind you some facts ….

Frymark starts at 10.00 and finishes at 14.00. It’s good way to start your Sunday with local breakfast. If you would like to be taken there by our guide please get here to get the online ticket or contact us to get more information. The tour called Bydgoszcz local food tour starts in your hotel and will take aprox. 3 hours. During this time we will visit Bydgoszcz Farmers Market, on a special table we will be able to taste few plates with some local specialities. After a short walk we will get to local cafe to get dessert of choice. Next steps are: local pierogarnia (Restaurant dedicated to pierogi, our local treasure). We will finish with tasting set of local beers in local brewery.

See more about Farmers Market in Bydgoszcz on tripadvisor:


I hope you got hungry as I did.

Have a tasty tour!