River Tourism

Bydgoszcz from its beginnings has been influenced by rivers. Thanks to location by Brda River and proximity to Vistula River Bydgoszcz became an important inland port.
Construction of Bydgoszcz Canal in 1774 was technological highlight of the times. 22 locks between rivers opened new opportunity for water transport. City became modern, wealthy and trendy.
In 19th century the city invested in rail junction. Main station was connected with Bydgoszcz Canal to make the business more efficient. Citizens could traveling from Berlin and back with 5 daily connections. Soon new architectonical, fashion and food trends were present in Bydgoszcz. Bydgoszcz from 1905 was called “small Berlin“.
Some other keep saying that Bydgoszcz is even more similar in its atmosphere to Venice. We would be rather carefull with this kind of statements. The best option to get your opinion is to visit Bydgoszcz, get the canal cruise, admire the river beaches and relax. That’s what it is about!

Feel the atmosphere of the city taking the cruise by water tram. During the tour you will also visit the most popular attractions in the Old Town and Downtown, learn about history of Bydgoszcz Canal and visit the funniest museum in Bydgoszcz.


Brda river was always the most important part of the city. All the factories were close to the water. The best cafes and restaurants were next to river so you can feel the atmosphere of the city taking the cruise by water tram.