Ice cream dream!


23 April 2019

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Ice cream dream!

Ice cream dream 🙂 Best ice cream in Bydgoszcz

Let’s have a walk of your dreams. Let’s eat the best ice cream in Bydgoszcz! Personally, summer is my favorite season for guiding, because every, every single group want to eat an ice cream or … three. So I can tell a word about it, believe me. This is also my favourite type of food tour … ice cream tour. In numbers it will be around 865 calories and 1,1 km In distance.

Ice cream, gelati – when we think about creamy cold dessert. Who’s not the ice cream lover – hands up! I see no one! Great, so let’s talk about polish and Bydgoszcz cold scoops 🙂 and let’s have a walk. Thanks God it’s spring and all gelaterias are open!

ice cream trail 🙂

Few words about ice-cream history

Of course, it’s typical Italian dessert but I have to tell you that also here in Kujawy and Pomorze ice cream were made by … farmeres. They had the most important ingredient: fresh fat milk and some local fruit. Some ice cream machines you will find in every open air museum around (linki: www.nadwislanskachata.com ).

Ice cream map has few points:) enjoy and try them all!

TOP 5 of Bydgoszcz Ice Cream places

N 1 Katarynka Kawiarnia located on the Old Town (Batorego 4 st) is the place where you can see the production. Scoop than you can get could be a surprise

N 2 Sowa Cafe, Mostowa str. And many other places. Sowa is the local treasure, sweet treasure of Bydgoszcz. Cakes, pralines, coffee, bread, sweet rolls: Mr Sowa is the real king of every sweet tooth! When you really want to break the regime you should try his ice desserts in the restaurant. If a scoop is enough take cookie or salty caramel – both are knocking you dead!

N 3 Moodie Foodie, Gdańska 24 st. Hand made ice creams and desserts which are more than art. Coffee served by great and talkative barista Michał.

Moodie Foodie

N 4 Przystań na Lody located on Stary Port 5 is the most visible point on ice creamy map of Bydgoszcz. You will find different flavors every single day. Sometimes you fall in love, sometimes not but still worth trying.

N 5 Primo Cafe, one and only, open only in spring and summer season, with original and top secret receipts kept by owner (who’s the only master in this cold business). „Coldheart” owner is producing around 40 flavors. Some are simple as chocolate, vanilla or strawberry (tastes like heaven, sorbet)

Primo Cafe

If you ask me I would go to all of them. If I had to pick just one to die for: it would be the last one (don’t tell that to the others).

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