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Why did Poles emigrated to America at the turn of 19th and 20th century?

Did you know that 10 million Americans have Polish roots? If you're reading this probably you're one of them. You're wondering why and how your ancestors had emigrated from Poland. You were thinking many times about their long journey and dreams about living in America. This article is based on our own research in archives and experience gained with tourists.


Ancestry travel to Poland – how to prepare your perfect heritage tour

Ancestry travel is one of the heaviest trends for 2020. Even us, as a small tour operator, we see a huge interest from people who are looking for their family stories. So today I would like to write something more about planning ancestry tour to Poland. What you should know before you'll come? What you should do?


Ice cream dream!

Let’s have a walk of your dreams. Let’s eat the best ice cream in Bydgoszcz! Who’s not the ice cream lover – hands up! I see no one! Great, so let’s talk about polish and Bydgoszcz cold scoops 🙂 and let’s have a walk.