West Pomerania Province - region by the sea with two national parks and breathtaking nature


14 May 2020

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West Pomerania Province – region by the sea with two national parks and breathtaking nature

In one sentence we can describe the region but it has a way more to offer. Discover with us main attractions of West Pomerania Province!

Szczecin is a capital city of the Province so I would like to show you what you can do in the area around main city. I will describe 10 the best attractions in the region. All of them are doable as one day tour.


Szczecin – city with difficult name to pronounce (Shchetchin) but beautiful. Usually underestimated but loved from the first sight. One of the cities in Poland that is worth to visit because of rich history and gorgeous location by the river with seaport. The city was the seat of the Gryfit dynasty. They ruled the Baltic coast from West to the east. Today their residence dominates the town – a Renaissance castle with green tower domes.

Szczecin’s city plan resembles that of Paris. Mostly because Szczecin was rebuilt in the 1880s by the same architekt that redesigned Paris. This pattern of street design is still used in Szczecin. Many recently built (or modified) city areas include roundabouts and avenues.

The current local cuisine in Szczecin was shaped in the mid-20th century by people who settled in the city from other parts and regions of Poland. The most renowned dishes of the area are pasztecik szczeciński and paprykarz szczeciński.

Szczecin city center

photo: www.pixabay.com

local cuisine - pasztecik szczeciński

photo: www.24kurier.pl


Międzyzdroje is a seaside resort on the Island Wolin on the Baltic coast. The town is often referred to as The Pearl of the Baltic. It is situated between wide sandy beaches with high cliffs and the forests of the Woliński National Park. You can even meet żubr (European bison) in the special sanctuary. They live in a large area so they feel at ease.

Wealthy industrialists and business magnates from Szczecin, Berlin, London and other cities of Poland erected their extravagant villas along the Baltic shore from 19th century. They appreciated its baths, health clinics and favourable climat.

A  wooden pier on the Baltic sea was constructed and eventually upgraded in 1906. The pier was 360 metres in length and the coffee-house situated at its very end still operates to this day.

Międzyzdroje from the bird eye, pier and sandy beach

photo: Shutterstock


Świnoujście is located on the three Island: Uznam, Karsibór and Wolin. Świnoujście directly borders the German seaside resort of Ahlbeck on Usedom (Uznam), both are freely connected by a street and by 12 km (7 mi) of beach promenade. There is a big port and ferry terminal so you can take cruise to Sweden. In 19th century the city became a health resort after discovering brine and mud sources. Nowadays Świnoujście is one of the most popular spas in Poland.

Between Island Uznam and Wolin there is ferry connection (for pedestrians and cars). It is uniqe in Poland to have a ferry in the city center. You can also take a one day tour to Ahlbeck in Germany by small ship or by bike.

Świnoujście and ferry between islands

photo: www,swinoujskie.info


Dishes with lavender, rose, fuchsia and other garden decorations are served along with recipes for these dishes and a large dose of culinary knowledge during the “Culinary Edible Flower Festival”. It is held annually in the Thematic Gardens Hortulus in Dobrzyca. The garden is divided for two parts and it is only a few kilometers from the Baltic Sea. They are connected by a garden passion that has been implemented for 25 years. The first contains as many as 30 different garden concepts such as rock, forest, water, but also Japanese, French and English as well as author’s. The second feature is the hornbeam labyrinth and the tower in the shape of a double DNA helix with a view of the Stone Circle or the Celtic Calendar or the gardens of the seasons.

garden Hortulus in Dobrzyca

photo: www.polskieszlaki.pl


Kołobrzeg has excellent location at the mouth of the Parsęta River in the vicinity of forests, mud deposits and water that provides shelter to many rare birds and plant species.

It provides a unique combination of a seaside resort, health resort, an old town full of historic monuments and tourist entertainment options. In Kołobrzeg you can find kilometeres of beautiful beaches with white, soft sand and spas where you can improve your health or just relax.

Kołobrzeg Old Town

photo: www.fotopolska.travel.pl


Połczyn-Zdrój is located in the central part of the West Pomeranian Province. The surroundings of Połczyn-Zdrój, due to lakes, beech forests and numerous moraine hills, are called „Połczyn Switzerland”. The city is famous for spas where treatment is carried out. Already in the 17th century sources of mineral water were discovered. Since then Połczyn was visited by more and more patients and the city was gaining popularity. The offer of spa treatment today includes balneotherapy, kinesitherapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, light therapy and climatotherapy.

Park in Połczyn-Zdrój

photo: www.polczyn-zdroj-pl


Crooked Forest is a grove of oddly-shaped pine trees located near the town of Gryfino.

There is no such strange forest all over Poland.This is a unique natural curiosity – „Crooked Forest”. It is a cluster of about 100 deformed pines. They were probably planted in 1934.

It is definitely a good idea for one day trip from Szczecin.

Just above the trunk instead of growing vertically – it turns at an angle of 90 degrees and bends with a wide arch upwards. All trunks are bent northwards. The view these trees is amazing. Around this place are regular pines, so it looks like someone had to contribute to the trees’ sow. Was the pine tree deformation intended? This nature of the curves of common pine trunks is very rare. They clearly show that they were created as a result of the work of human hands.

Crooked Forest in Gryfino

photo: www.fotopolska.travel.pl


When you look on the map of the seashore you will notice lakes nearby the coast. If you would like to spend your time in an active way take a bike tour from Mielno to Dąbki ( 30km long). You will have an opportunity to admire stunning views of sea and lake on the same time. The piece of land between them is only a several dozen meters. For sure you will meet birds and other small animals or even Wild animals like boar or deer.

Jamno Lake and Baltic sea

photo: Agencja BE&W


Many attractions are also opreapred for the youngest, including historical stories, rituals and drills.

There is an extraordinary place close to Międzyzdroje (20 km south). It is small town where you can find a Center of Slavs and Vikings. A village with 27 houses, gates and defensive walls. During the tour you will see houses, tools, you can also see how people worked and learn about their professions. Village ost the way of living between 9th and 11th century. Every year in the summer a Festival of Slavs and Vikings is organized. Visitors can participate in oststps. The range of professions is impressive: from stained ost to blacksmithing, or from spinning silk threads from silkworm cocoons to making tar, boat construction, weaving, dyeing, pottery, ancient medicine, singing oststps and much more.

Center of Slavs and Vikings

photo: www.turystykakulturowa.eu


During World War II in Borne Sulinowo Germans started the construction of a large military base and various testing grounds. Most of the local inhabitants were resettled. After the war, the area was taken by the Red Army. The town was erased from all maps. In official documents of the surrounding communes the area was called „forest area” and remained a secret for 50 years. With the change of political system in Poland town became a part of Poland.

Every August you can participate in Interational Gathering of Military Vehicles. The event offers concerts, cavalry show and variety vehicles rides, including tanks!

In Borne Sulinowo you will find a lot of abandoned buildings. So you can explore and feel like in the ghost town 🙂 To make the area more attractive for visitors city government decided to make a trail. It is 13,5 km long and it connects 21 buildings.

abandoned officer building

photo: www.podroze.se.pl

Are you ready to visit West Pomerania Province? Contact us and discover Poland’s true flavours!