Poland Undiscovered - list of 8 unknown places that you would dream of after reading this


27 April 2020

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Poland Undiscovered – go off the beaten path

List two places that you think of when you think about travel to PolandWarsaw and Krakow? These are two beautiful cities, which also offer a lot of attractions in their area.

And what if you’ve been to both places? A lot of fantastic, accessible and not very popular places await you all over Poland .. Discover unexplored! Travel to Poland and discover it’s true flavors with us ☺

If you are looking for uncrowded places, close to nature, with the best food and interesting history, you should come to Bydgoszcz and experience Kujavian-Pomeranian region. If you want to fallow motto “Poland undiscovered – go off the beaten path” go with us! In the area you will find beautiful cities with rich history, new flavors, traditional food and surprising dishes. You can sleep in the middle of nowhere in magical places. You can also visit the smallest Vineyard ever!

Below you will find a list of 8 unknown places that you would dream of after reading this! Those are our favorite places and recommendations (we put them in random order because we love all of them the same ☺)


Bydgoszcz (pronounce it as: ’Beed-Goshed’) often called: ‘the Venice of Poland’ due to its pretty canals and the fact that the city centre is surrounded by water and unique architecture. However, with less tourists, affordable prices, nice hotels and apartments and more tranquil street.

Bydgoszcz –  must see

In the Bydgoszcz city center you will find Brda river which is a beating heart of this town. In the summer a must see or even a must do is a water tram cruise. During the cruise you will see river, boulevards and city center from different angle. On the boat audioguide will present you the history of places around you. In Bydgoszcz you will also find the funniest museum in the world, Museum of Soap and History of Dirt.

Are you curious? Click here and check out Bydgoszcz tours we offer.

watertram in Bydgoszcz


City of legends and legendary city at the same time. City that has the most beautiful and the best preserved medieval downtown in whole Europe! Thats why it is listed on Unesco Heritage list. This is a must see in the region. In Toruń you can literally travel in time and find yourself as a medieval townsfolk.

Torun – must see

During your stay in Toruń you can taste and make yourself a famous Torun gingerbraed. There is a Living Museum of Gingerbread which offers a workshop with making your own gingerbread with great stories about this tasty cookie.

Climb the Torun Town Hall Tower to admire the view of the whole city from different perspective.

All Torun tours you will find here

panoramic view of Toruń


The town is stretching on the nine hills with view on Vistula river. Chełmno, which is one of the cities of the European Route of Brick Gothic features an old Cistercian-Benedictine monastery and as many as six gothic churches. Chełmno, thanks to the medieval walls and historic sites, is called the “Polish Carcassonne” or the “Little Krakow”.

Chelmno – city of lovers

Usually called “city of lovers”. On the Valentines day tere is a big celebration and festivities. You cannot leave Chełmno without a symbolic kiss on the Bench of Lovers, which is supposed to bring happiness in love. The bench is located in the Nowe Planty city park, next to the city walls, not far from the promenade. It is worth going for a walk around Planty and admire the view and atmosphere.

You can also combine visiting Chełmno with other places. We offer Chełmno and Torun tour. If you prefer natural sites and polish local wine you better choose Chelmno and vineyard tour.

Chełmno located on the nine hills

photo: www.worldisbeautiful.eu


It is absolutely a magical place with stunning view for Lower Vistula Valley.Vistula is a queen of Polish rivers as we Poles call it. This is the longest river in Poland.

Vineyard is only 33 km North from Bydgoszcz so it is a fantastic option for one day tour. You can admire the view while sipping a wine and warm your face in the sun strolling between grapevines.

The polish vineyard Przy Talerzyku refers to the history of Kuyavian-Pomeranian wine growing and monastery tradition of wine making dating back to the beginning of the 13th century.

Wine production from hand-picked and selected fruit. This boutique wine production, in which everything has its own rhythm and the sequence of events is the result of a lifetime passion for creation.

Do you want to see the view from Vineyard? Simply click here.

vineyard Przy Talerzyku


Kujavian and Pomeranian region has an amazing places to stay overnight. You can choose an agritourism spots. They offer accommodation in a beautiful surroundig but also a very homey atmosphere. Very often those places have some animals like chickens, goats, cows, horses. Usually owners have fruit trees or grow some vegetables. Then hosts offers meals made of their own products. Kids have fun feeding the animals and ta king care about plants. Adults can just relax in the atmosphere of slow life in the harmony with nature.


Frymark is a famous farmers marketwith regional products. Frymark takes place in Bydgoszcz every Sunday in the city center. At the market you can find regional products, both food and handicrafts. Regional and eco-friendly farmers and craftsmen come to the city and sell their products. These include meats, cheeses, cakes, fruit, juice, honey, preserves as well as clothes, jewelry, small home furnishings. Frymark is an absolutely unique place where you can get to know regional food, taste it, take it home with you. Remember the taste and smell of Poland.

Our guides will take you there!

local food market Frymark in Bydgoszcz


What to do in Inowrocław? Another city in our list of favorite places in the region. Extraordinary city with interesting history and … very salty!

What to do in Inowrocław? Inowrocław has rich deposits of rock salt, which have been mined here since ancient times, hence the term “city on salt”. However, since the closure and flooding of the “Solino” mine, salt has not been mined in the traditional way. The city is a military garrison. In the city, the highly mineralized water “Inowrocławianka”, which is reportedly the most salty drinking water sold in Poland, is being poured. There are also graduation towers in the brine park.

You can visit region in a few days participating the tour

Graduation tower


Every year we have two food festivals in Poland which take placenear Bydgoszcz. The Local Food Festival in Gruczno takes place in August and the Plum Festival at the beginning of September. Both festivals are a great opportunity to try Polish food, visit stands with products from organic farms and also to admire the handicrafts.

Are you interested in other food festivals in Poland? Let us know! It’s not the coincidence that our name is Tasty Tours!

Local Food Festival takes place in Gruczno. Just 40 km north from Bydgoszcz. Every year in August over 150 stalls with food and craft is open for two day (always on the Weekend). You can find tere whatever you need and whatever you want to taste. Farmers offer meat, fish, bread, sweets, cakes, preserves, product from milk like cheese, yoghurt and so on. You can find tere also fruits, juices or even whole dishes. Local folk artists offer they art. They sell clothes, jewelry, decorations, tools, pots, home furnishings and many more.

Plum Festival sounds weird but it is two days full of plums ☺ Everything is about plums. Strzelce Dolne is 20 km from Bydgoszcz nearby the Vistula river. This is a real capital of plum for about 200 years. And the unique taste of the jam is due to the growing in the climate of the Lower Vistula Valley “Hungarian plum”, processed by housewives in a variety of ways. All participants of the event can see how frying jam in traditional boilers looks like and taste the old country cuisine. Each participant will be able to experience how much of love the housewives put in pots with real plum jam. You can also find other regional delicacies at the stands, including tinctures – such as the creamer known in Krajna and Pałuki, among others, cold meats are also popular – healthy, because without preservatives. It is worth appearing at the Plum Festival. It is a unique opportunity to look at the process of frying jam, but also to taste honey, cured meat and bread with lard.

Are you curious? See what we offer.

Local Food Festival

Plum Festival


Kujawsko – pomorskie province is totally unknown place on the map of Poland but it doesn’t mean it is not interesting. There are a lot of things to do and to see. The huge advantage is calm atmosphere and real locality! See the website of Kujawsko-Pomorskie region and inspire to discover Poland undiscovered!

Do you plan trip to Poland and wondering what to see here? We have many ideas that you may like!  We know many more places and events with unique character.

Are you interested in travel to Poland? Let us know!

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