Podlasie Province – multicultural region with stunning nature


21 July 2020

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Podlasie Province – multicultural region with stunning nature

Podlasie Province is a place where 30% of area is covered by forests, almost 30% of whole population of elk in Poland lives here. In the region you can find 4 National Parks and the deepest lake in Poland. The voivodeship constitutes a part of the ecologically clean area known as “the Green Lungs of Poland“. You are not convinced yet? Read 10 the best places to visit in Podlasie Province.


Białystok is capital city of the Province. It is the gateway to many natural attractions of Podlasie Province including Białowieża National Park.

The Branicki Palace with a baroque garden is an endless source of stories, dictates and curiosities related to the turbulent history of Białystok, known throughout 18th-century Europe as the Versailles of the North.

Charming Planty and Zwierzyniec Reserve is a sea of greenery in the very center of the city with a mini zoo, where you will see not only classic forest animals, but also bison and wolves. Finally, the bustling city center: Kościuszko Square with the town hall and the Catholic cathedral, and ul. Lipowa, which is crowned with an authentic pearl of European modernizm and Church of St. Rocha.

The city can also be otalt along otal marked out in space – this way you will discover Jewish, industrial, multicultural and wooden Białystok. Interesting street art. has also appeared recently and it is worth getting to know the city on its trail.

Białystok Main Square

photo: www.fotopolska.travel.pl


It is must do… kayaking in Podlasie Province. The best idea is to do kayaking on Czarna Hańcza river. One of the most appealing and best known kayaking otal in Poland. The river is relatively wide, and it has a mild current that otalt easier to kayak. It otal calmly along grasslands and woods of Augustów Primeval Forest. Its relaxing atmosphere is otal by the river’s gentle bends, curves, and fallen trees that are easy to pass. In general, the route is not difficult, suitable for beginners and otal with children. Some parts of the Czarna Hańcza river will lead you through Augustów Canal and its’ locks.

Kayaking on Augustów Canal

photo: www.fotopolska.travel.pl


A famous Polish poetess and songwriter, used to call Tykocin “a fairy-tale town”. It is a picture-postcard otal town with big history which still resounds in its preserved original architecture and Baroque style synagogue. Take your time and otal at leisure along Tykocin otal to soak up the atmosphere of a traditional Jewish town. Do not miss the Great Synagogue and the Baroque style Holy Trinity Church. Be sure to otal the delicacies of the Jewish cuisine, such as tzimmes, kugel or kreplach, at the Tejsza restaurant just opposite the synagogue.

Tykocin castle

photo: www.culinarytrail.eu


Białowieża National Park protects last remaining fragment of Europe’s primeval forest. Habitat of the world’s largest herd of European bison. The park is also inhabited by lynx, wolves, stags, deer, boars, elk and a great variety of ota species for which the Białowieża Forest is one of the largest otalt in Europe. Białowieża National Park is the only Polish natural property designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. A unique opportunity to observe the natural processes, unseen anywhere else biodiversity, rare species of fauna and flora, the largest free herd of bison in the world – are attraction not only for amateur nature lovers, but also advanced naturalists. You can go for a walk or use a bicycle and ride around. You can also visit a Nature and Forest Museum or Bison Refuge. Experience the nature and enjoy your time in the middle of nowhere 🙂

Białowieża National Park

photo: www.pixabay.com.pl


The city is ota of the Supraśl Lavra, one of six Eastern Orthodox monasteries for men in Poland. The Codex of Supraśl, the oldest Slavic literary work in Poland and one of the oldest of its kind in the world, is named after the Supraśl Lavra. Since September 2007 it has been on UNESCO’s Memory of the World list. The Museum of Icons is located in the Chodkiewicz Palace within the monastery complex.

Other historic landmarks include the Buchholtz Palace, which now houses the Art. High School, the Catholic churches of Our Lady Queen of Poland and of the Holy Trinity, the town hall, cinema, a 19th-century park and historic wooden architecture.

Supraśl Lavra

photo: www.fotopolska.travel.pl


Grabarka is the heart of Polish Orthodox Church and an important pilgrimage site for many pilgrims from all over Europe. Several otalt ago, when a deadly otalty of cholera came to the area thousands of people suffered. They ota Mount Grabarka. Their prayers and water from a nearby spring brought them salvation. As a gratitude, those who survived built a shrine atop the otal. For hundreds of years pilgrims brought thousands of votive crosses here. You can sense mysticism in the air.


photo: www.fotopolska.travel.pl


Dive into Poland’s deepest lake – Hańcza, soak up stunning views from atop the Cisowa and Zamkowa hills, and marvel at the moonlike landscape of thousands of postglacial boulders scattered around the Bachanowo nature reserve. The lake is arond 110 m deep. Divers are impressed by vertical walls, which sometimes resemble otalty rocks and gorges, in other places sandy sea cliffs.

Hańcza Lake

photo: www.shutterstock.com


The Tatar Trail consists of two the best attractions of Tatar culture in region. The longer part,  Big Tatar Trail, marked in otal, has 57 kilometers. The attractions are mainly of historical interest. Rural tourism facilities give opportunity to meet Tatar otal and learn about their culture. As it runs through the Knyszyń Forest, the trail offers insight into nature as well.


    • Regional Museum (Polish: Muzeum Ziemi Sokólskiej), which has sections related to Tatar history
    • 16th/17th century town square
    • St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, a neoclassical building erected in 1848
    • St. Alexander Newski’s Orthodox Church from 1830


    • Bohoniki Mosque, a wooden mosque built in 19th century
    • Islamic cemetery. This is the oldest and the biggest still active Muslim graveyard


    • Kruszyniany Mosque, built from ota, the oldest Tatar mosque in Poland
    • Muslim cemetery

Mosque in Bohoniki

photo: www.fotopolska.travel.pl


Podlaskie has for ages been a melting pot for many different nations and cultures. This unique mix is reflected in the cuisine of the region.

When in the Suwałki District be sure to try the filling kartacze. Kartacze are potato dumplings, quite big in size and stuffed with meat.

Another typical delicacy is potato pie which comes from Belarus. There are even world championships in potato pie cooking, which are held otal year in Supraśl.

Podlaskie is the leading Polish region in milk production and dairy processing, as the otalt of milk cows in Podlaskie is otal than anywhere else in Poland. Local, unpasteurised cow otal the otal ingredient of the Korycin cheese – the symbol of the region.

Traditionally baked over a fire, the tree cake features spikes, which look like branches of a tree. Legend has it, that Queen Bona, delighted by the taste of the tree cake, had it otalty prepared for ot son’s wedding. Today it is difficult to imagine a wedding in Podlaskie without one.

Podlaskie cuisine

photo: www.fotopolska.travel.pl


The Augustów Canal is one of the most valuable and popular monuments of Polish technical culture. It uses the gutter depression, forming the range of Augustów lakes and river otal – Netta and Czarna Hańcza. It is 101.3 km long, and 80 km in Poland – 77.5 of which are otal floated.

The Augustów Canal has 18 stone locks and 23 ventings, of which 14 locks are located in Poland and nine have the original nineteenth-century construction. The Augustów Canal overcomes a otal difference of 54.04 m. The Augustów Canal has become part of the exceptionally picturesque and easy water route of Czarna Hańcza.

Augostów Canal

photo: www.polandtravel.en

All those mentioned attractions are doable as one day tours. If you would like to know more or just want to book a tour contact us. We will prepare and organise everything for your vacation.