Bydgoszcz water tourism


15 November 2019

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Bydgoszcz water tourism

Bydgoszcz is modern city called sometimes Small Amsterdam or Venice. In the past it was the vibrant inland port. Let’s walk around the Old Town and Mill Island and discover Bydgoszcz best tourist spots! Let’s see Bydgoszcz water tourism!

Bydgoszcz - take canal cruise

The best way to learn about Bydgoszcz canal and waterways and to see all city highlights is to take a canal cruise. Tickets are very affordable. You can buy them in tourist information centre at The Old Market Square. Tickets are also available online on

Price for ticket is 10 PLN, reduced 8 PLN (prices for season 2020).

Brda river gives opportunity to admire panoramic view of the city.

Bydgoszcz water fleet has three boats:

Water Tram – Slonecznik I

Water Tram – Slonecznik II

and 100 – years old M/S Bydgoszcz. Two first are ecological boas charged with electric and solar energy. Thanks to this there is no emission of fumes and noise.

They can carry 28 people on board.

The last one “Granny” was working long years pulling barges from one lock to another. After renovation, she has new life as the old -fashioned attraction for 12 passengers.

Sailing season in Bydgoszcz starts on May and finishes in September.

Water tram

Water equipment rental in Bydgoszcz

A tourist equipment rental is open from 01 May 2020 to 30 September 2020.

The following are at your disposal:

1- and 2-person tourist canoes

– pedal boats with a propulsion and traditional pedal boats

1-person dragon boats + steersman + drummer


From 1 May WATER MOTOR CARS for four persons are available as well. You can feel like a NY cab driver or Citizens Militaria. No qualifications or licenses needed. For more information see website of the only hotel on the Mill Island, Przystań.

Opening hours: on weekends: 12:00pm – 07:00pm

on weekdays: 03:00pm – 07:00pm

Motor Cars, photo: Hotel Przystań

Experience life as a barge

Experience barger’s life going on Lemara Barge. This small barge houses a museum dedicated to Bydgoszczs inland navigation heritage. Built in a Bydgoszcz shipyard in 1937. This inland vessel belonged to skipper Adolf Schmidt. He named it after his parents, Leon and Maria. During WWII Nazis confiscated Lemara barge. After the war in ended in the hands of the communist Polish state. In 2009 local authorities bought it. Then they recreated a traditional living-and-working interior. Barge is a tribute to skippers who lived on their vessels. Lemara is open for various concerts and performances.

Admission costs 3 PLN per person but the best option is to take sightseeing tour with our guide. Package “Along the river” contains cruise, barge and Bydgoszcz city sightseeing.

Lemara barge

Bydgoszcz - hydrotechnic miracle

Through the municipal water lock

This lock was constructed within the redevelopment of the Bydgoszcz Canal in the years 1908-1915. replacing the old structure causing many problems. This is a single chamber lock of dock structure, with lifting height of 3,33 m. Lockage here takes about 10 minutes. In the years 2015-2016, the lock was completely renovated.

Previous lock is now reconstructed as the heritage nearby. It was so called “Scylla and Hybryda” – very dangerous to navigate trapezoidal shape lock from 1884. Ernst Peterson, canal builder put into service First wooden lock in 1774. It collapsed 14 years after.

Bydgoszcz Canal Museum

This tiny museum celebrates the man-made waterway that links Bydgoszcz and Berlin. You will see: old photographs, paintings, sailors’ uniforms and other canal-related items. New exhibition telling the story of the towns contribution to inland shipping.

Museum in October 2020 will have new building. That means more space for still growing exhibition.

Opening time: Mon – Sun (after appointment)

Bydgoszcz canal lock

Bydgoszcz - house on water

If you want to spend a night or two in Bydgoszcz and stay on water you can rent House on Water located on Mill Island.

House on Water. This luxurious apartment is for 6 pers.

House on Water, photo:

Once upon a time in Bydgoszcz

There is a story about a man and his boat. His name was Gauthier Mear. He was travelling around the canals of Europe for over half a year. One of the last stops was Bydgoszcz. It was cold October. Despite the fact, that Gauthier founded the city very interesting, he decided to stay here max two days. But suddenly he founded himself prisoned between the locks! So he was about to spend whole long winter in unknown Bydgoszcz. Gauthier was completely shocked! But as the adventurous man he decided not to give up!

He learned polish hospitality … and curiosity! People were coming on the bank and keep asking questions. They were bringing him some pierogi and vodka.

Story finishes with a happy ending. When finally the Okole lock has the trial opening and Gauthier can go through the gate!

Gauthier Mear, photo: Gazeta Wyborcza, Roman Bosiacki